Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Mind Your Safety

Even if you are in a relationship with just one partner, the anus can have health risks. For instance, if the anus is unclean bacteria can find their way into your body. Therefore, observe a high level of hygiene. Also have wipes and towels around. An ideal escort service will assist you with preparation and make your first experience enjoyable.

Get the Right Lubes

Lubricants are very important during anal sex because the anus does not get wet for long like the vagina. Without lubes, there will be friction that will impact discomfort. Using the right lubricants for anal sex ensures a smooth and more sensual penetration. This makes the entire experience quite incredible for the involved partners. If you use an escort service, ask the babes that you choose to guide you when buying lubricants.

Begin with Anal Play

Before you get into actual penetration, start with simple but stimulating practices. For instance your escort can tease your anus by kissing, licking and fondling it gently. This will relax anal muscles and put you in the right mood for the experience. Also share your expectations and desires. Let your partner know how you want your ass to be handled for mutual pleasure. Anal play should start slowly and develop gradually based on how your partner is reacting to the sensations.

Whether you engage in this sex with your partner or engage an escort service, follow this guide and you will enjoy the most unforgettable experience.

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