Is It Safe To Drink Milk After Eating Fish?

After reading a lot of information I found that there are many benefits to consuming dairy products after eating fish. I eat fish on a daily basis and so do several members of my family. I read many things on the internet concerning the dangers of eating foods that are high in fats and proteins. So I took a lot of time researching this issue before making the decision to include it in my diet. Here is what I found.

First, let me say that I do eat less meat than I used to. I cook much more meals and as a result I have more choices. However, when I do eat meat, I make sure that I choose leaner cuts. The reason I do this is because there is a misconception that you get a higher fat content from a fatty cut than a lean cut. This is not true.

To be truthful, there is only a slight difference in fat content. The fat content is very low. Also, there is no evidence linking excess cholesterol levels with increased blood pressure. However, some people do experience a slight increase in their blood pressure after consuming fatty foods. It seems to depend upon the type of fatty foods that you are eating.

So the bottom line is, yes you can consume dairy products after eating fish. They have a few benefits for you, however they are not worth it if you are not watching your blood pressure and your heart rate. For example, milk contains casein protein. Casein protein is considered to be a good dietary protein. Many experts agree that it helps with weight loss, but there are other benefits as well.

If you are just going to take one food item, is it safe to drink milk after eating fish? Yes, it is safe to do so. Most people that are recovering from an illness or that are on diet plan will not feel the effects of this food item. You can eat it as a meal or in addition to a salad or vegetable.

Is it safe to drink milk after eating fish? In general, yes, you can. You do not need to remove the fish from your diet. In fact, you should be adding fish to your diet more frequently. You can use fish oil supplements or just eat the oil itself.


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